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Top 10 Honey Badger Facts

WOWsoAmaze’s Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Honey Badger

Honey Badgers have some crazy skills. Here are one expert’s top ten facts about a Honey Badger that you might not expect.

  1. The Honey Badger can be found from South Africa to India.
  2. Its skin is thick and impervious to arrows, spears, and machetes.
  3. Will kill and eat anything from fruit and honey to humans.
  4. They have a reversible anal pouch.
  5. The Honey Badger is the most fearless creature on this planet.
  6. There is no safe place to hold a Honey Badger.
  7. They will castrate their larger enemies.
  8. The Honey Badger works with birds.
  9. Animal stings and venom have little to no effect on Honey Badger.
  10. Their jaws are powerful enough to crush a turtle’s shell.


Honey Badger

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