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Top 13 Teen Reactions to Honey Badger

Watch as teens discuss their opinion of National Geographic’s Honey Badger video.

Here are the top 13 teen quotes about Randall’s narration of the National Geographic video about the Honey Badger.

  1. Ewww.
  2. Ha ha.
  3. I love this video.
  4. Honey Badger!
  5. I’ve seen this.
  6. Who’s narrating this?
  7. That’s a bad-ass animal.
  8. Chuck Norris!! Always!
  9. I would run away like a little bitch.
  10. Ha ha! I love this already.
  11. Why are you showing me this?
  12. Ok, ok. Shit just got real real.
  13. The universe would explode.

Listen to them all and more in this amusing video:


Honey Badger

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Honey Badger
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