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Honey Badger and Porcupine Fight for a Burrow

What happens when a Honey Badger fights a Porcupine for a burrow?

Porcupines are dangerous animals in their own right, and have been known to fend off lions and tigers with just the threat of their deadly quills. As we’ve learned in the past, porcupines are also known to get into battles with the cunning Honey Badger. They both meet again, as they battle over a burrow that both would like to make their new home.

The Honey Badger is minding his own business, and happens upon an excellent burrow as a new home. He looks around the place, sets up shop, and then goes out to hunt for the day. Hours later the Honey Badger returns to find a pesky porcupine in his new pad. He is obviously not too happy, and now he must decide how to handle this unfortunately situation. Honey Badger has been known to murder humans, will he do the same to the porcupine? Will Honey Badger scare the porcupine away with his fart attack, as explained by John Green? Will he come up with some other ingenious strategy or will he just abandon his new home?

As we know Honey Badger is an agile and sneaky fighter, and if he wants something he will likely get it. The Honey Badger has found some territory he wants to make the next home of the Honey Badger, but a pesky porcupine is squatting in his new burrow. Will the Honey Badger give up it’s newly found home or will he evict or destroy the porcupine?

Watch to find out how the Honey Badger handles a porcupine in his burrow:

Nat Geo WILD video of Honey Badgers vs. Porcupine


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