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Yet Another Pet Honey Badger

A pet Honey Badger next to a human sitting at a pool.

Yet another human has decided that they should try to keep a Honey Badger as a pet. Will humans ever learn the dangers of living with such a deadly animal? We still don’t know the fate of Vernon, the human, who claimed he found deadly Honey Badger and tamed it as his pet. It’s unlikely Vernon still believes that about his pet Buster, and we imagine that this lady will regret her decision in the near future as well.

Honey Badgers are fearless and deadly creatures that are not suitable for domestication. They are rightfully called the most fearless animal in the world, and their ability to win in fights is unparalleled. When captured by humans, Honey Badgers are known to easily escape all means of confinement, including gates and cages. Humans are just no match for such a creature, and the two species can not coexist in close proximity to each other.

In the wild, there have been plenty of stories about humans wandering into a Honey Badger, and sure enough, every time the Honey Badger eviscerates the human to death. Let this lady and other past Honey Badger pet owners serve as a cautionary tale: avoid Honey Badgers at all costs. Do not approach a Honey Badger in the wild, do not volunteer to live with a Honey Badger, and certainly do not attempt to enslave one as your pet. You have been warned.

Watch as this pet Honey Badger approaches a lady sitting at her pool:

Pet Honey Badger being kept by a swimming pool.


Honey Badger

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