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Honey Badger vs. Honey Badger vs. Honey Badger

What happens when three honey badger battle each other?

The Honey Badger can destroy pretty much any other animal or human, but what happens when a Honey Badger fights with another Honey Badger? And what if it’s actually three Honey Badgers in an all out brawl with each other? Which of the three Honey Badgers will pull ahead as the alpha leader?

Battles between two Honey Badgers can be rare, and between three is unheard of. There are so many other less dangerous foes to go up against in the wild. Why fight another ferocious and deadly animal, when you can go after some weak honey bees, a snake, or a pride of lions? Honey Badgers are even known to kill humans, so why waste their time on each other?

For whatever reason, three Honey Badgers got into a brawl fighting to determine the top cat, or Honey Badger as the case may be. The brawl look place at the Lukimbi Safari Lodge in South Africa. The aggressive trio snort, bite, and chase their way through the battle while some people in a drive look on.

Watch as a three-way Honey Badger brawl ensues:

Three Honey Badgers battle each other at the Lukimbi Safari Lodge in South Africa.


Honey Badger

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