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Cassowary: The Honey Badger of Birds

A cassowary, the Honey Badger of birds, attempts to kill a human.

The cassowary is a very shy but deadly bird. This dangerous bird has been known to kill other animals, including humans and other large mammals. This brave man attempts to agitate the cassowary with a stick, and the large flightless bird wants nothing to do with that. The cassowary attempts its typical claw-based disembowelment maneuver. What is this guy thinking and will he survive?

Despite the cassowary’s large size and deadly attack, would it be able to defeat a ruthless honey badger? As we know, Honey Badgers are known to kill humans with ease. Humans and their basic weapons and methods of attack are often no match for either of these fearsome beasts. So how would the cassowary and honey badger fare against each other? We may never know, but both are clearly fearsome predators that should be feared by most of the animal kingdom. Watch as a cassowary attacks a human, and decide for yourself if its attack strategies are on par with that of the honey badger.

Watch as a Cassowary attempts to destroy a human:

Cassowary in the wild attempts to kill a human.


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