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Honey Badger Attempts to Evade Leopard

Honey Badger in the Kruger National Park in South Africa tries to evade a Leopard.

During a safari by the Jock Safari Lodge, the Honey Badger was spotted attempting to evade an attack by a leopard. The Honey Badger is fearless and has a myriad of defensive mechanisms at its disposal to evade and escape a variety of predators. However, the leopard is a tough opponent that is well-versed in generalized hunting and specializes in dangerous tree maneuvers. Will the leopard capture the Honey Badger, or will the Honey Badger escape to fight another day?

Can you smell that, the stink? It’s a Honey Badger.

As the video begins, the Honey Badger is firmly caught within the jaws of the leopard and appears to be in imminent danger. The ranger then points out the distinct smell of the honey badger. This stink is likely caused by one of the Honey Badger’s more well-known and classic defensive moves. The fart attack pointed out by John Green is clever and pungent way to disorient the Honey Badger’s rival. The technique is made possible courtesy of its reversible anal pouch, and should not be underestimated in battle.

As the high-altitude fight continues, the animals go back-and-forth on the tree branch. While the leopard has the Honey Badger firmly by the head and neck, the Honey Badger’s loose skin allows him to continue fighting with a series of adept maneuvers. Then in an unexpected and daring attempt to escape, the Honey Badger breaks from the leopard’s clutches and nearly falls to the ground. Then, mid-drop, in what could be construed as a life-saving effort, the leopard grabs the Honey Badger, returning him to the ongoing and perilous battle. Watch to find out if the Honey Badger is able to escape in one piece!

Watch as this South African Honey Badger tries escape the leopard:

The Honey Badger tries to escape his tree-dwelling feline captor.


Honey Badger

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