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Baby Honey Badger vs. Dazzle of Zebras

What happens when a baby Honey Badger finds a dazzle of zebras?

Zebras are social animals that tend to travel together in groups called a dazzle or zeal. They are herbivorous, and thus luckily for them, they aren’t looking to eat any Honey Badgers. However, they spook easily, but they are also much larger than a Honey Badger, especially a baby. When cornered they are known to defend themselves by kicking or biting their attacker. So, what happens when three zebras find themselves face-to-face with a baby Honey Badger?

The baby Honey Badger likely could eviscerate these zebras on his or her own. Unfortunately, what these zebras really are unaware of is the fact that this baby is being protected by a mama Honey Badger. If you thought Honey Badgers were deadly on their own, just try messing with a mother Honey Badger watching her offspring. The viciousness and defensiveness of the Honey Badger mom is unparalleled in the animal kingdom. For the zebras sake, we can only hope they quickly concede to any confrontation that develops.

As we know Honey Badgers can evade or defeat lions, hyenas, porcupines, and many other animals. Will the baby Honey Badger escape? Will the mother Honey Badger emasculate the entire zeal of zebras?

Watch as a baby Honey Badger runs into some zebras:

A baby Honey Badger wonders into a trio of zebras.


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