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Honey Badger Will Kill You! How Will You Survive?

Source: YouTube / They will Kill You

If you came face to face with a Honey Badger would you know how to survive? The Honey Badger is so deadly that escaping their wrath is almost impossible. The Honey Badger is able to rip apart turtles even with their hard shells. Amazing considering even a giant alligator was unable to crack this turtles shell even after 15 minutes of attacking it!

Source: Daily Mail / Patrick Castleberry Caters

If you must handle a Honey Badger, the only safe way to keep it at bay is by gripping it tightly on the neck. However, this will only last so long, so if you are caught by surprise by a deadly Honey Badger here are the only known methods to survive:

  1. Delivering a bullet directly to its head.
  2. Using a club directly to the skull. (This is not recommended due to the near impossibility of getting close enough before being killed by the Honey Badger.)

Warning, do not try any other methods of attack including machetes, arrow, or spears. These methods will only infuriate the Honey Badger, and will make him more likely to kill you immediately.

Watch the full video from They will Kill You for more important Honey Badger information.


Honey Badger

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