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Honey Badger Might Save Lives

Deadly King Cobra’s effect on Honey Badger being studied. 2

We all know the Honey Badger doesn’t care about snakes, and he can easily survive a venomous snake attack. Now scientists are investigating the power of the Honey Badger to find the source of its strength and vigor with the possibility of saving humans from snakes.

At the University of Minnesota, Antony M Dean, Sharon A Jansz, and other experts are studying how the Honey Badger attacks venomous snakes, survives their poisonous bites, and lives to be victorious time and time again. They explore three other animals with similar abilities: hedgehogs, pigs, and mongooses. With the Honey Badger, all four have developed the ability to prevent the binding of the snake’s toxin.

Thus, it appears that resistance to snake venom α-neurotoxin has evolved at least four times among mammals through two distinct biochemical mechanisms operating at the same sites on the same receptor.1

The Honey Badger of course has many other strengths and abilities, and doesn’t give a shit that other animals share this one ability. Nor does he care that he might save humans.

1 Why the honey badger don’t care: Convergent evolution of venom-targeted nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in mammals that survive venomous snake bites

2 Photo from Flickr / Takver


Honey Badger

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