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Honey Badger vs. Pride of Lions

A pride of lions encircles a single Honey Badger. 1

The Honey Badger is well known as a fierce fighter capable of taking on any animal. The Honey Badger is often the victor in mano a mano battles, but what about when he encounters an entire pride of lions? Can a single Honey Badger evade four huge hungry lions?

Late in 2014 just that happened when a single Honey Badger was encircled by four huge lions at the Selinda Reserve in Northern Botswana. The Honey Badger of course gave zero shits. He zigs and zags and even escapes being locked in the jaws of one of these majestic and giant lions. He then finds a perfectly sized hole, darts for it, and escapes. Honey Badger survives to fight another day.

Honey Badger evades the lions, darting for small hole. 1

Read the full story with more photos here: Don’t call me honey! Furious badger fights back in five minute battle against pride of lions before escaping down a hole.

1 Photos from Caters News Agency and Associated Newspapers Ltd


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