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Honey Badger as a Pet

Man attempts to keep Honey Badger as a pet. Watch the full video below.

As you can see they are very busy animals, and they don’t really like to be held like this.

Attempting to imprison the fearless Honey Badger as a pet seems like a crazy and dangerous move for a human. Nonetheless, this man named Vernon has taken one captive and is attempting to keep him as a pet named Buster. Watch as the unique Buster attempts to escape his owner/captor and attack his jugular. Vernon does use the correct temporary technique of gripping the Honey Badger’s neck firmly to keep it under control. As we learned this method of survival is only temporarily, and eventually you must use machete or gun to prevent imminent death from the Honey Badger. How long will Vernon survive keeping a pet Honey Badger?

Watch the as Vernon barely struggles to survive as he manhandles a Honey Badger

Honey Badger Like Pets by Animal x House.


Honey Badger

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