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John Green and The Crazy Truth of The Honey Badger

John Green explains The Crazy Truth of The Honey Badger.

John Green, of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars fame, explains his version of the crazy truth of the Honey Badger. John, who is also creator of Crash Course, is fascinated by the glorious bad-ass and non-monogamous nature of the Honey Badgers, and how they emasculate their male prey.

John also elaborates on their fart attack on bees, and the bees respond by stinging. However, Honey Badgers are immune to bee stings, in addition to the Olsen Twins, machetes, bites, bullets, and arrows. Their malodorous anal glads enable them to steal their honey, and this is just one of many tricks the Honey Badger has up his sleeve. John Green also implies the Honey Badger is harder to kill than 19th century monk or the strannik Rasputin.

Watch as John Green explains the Honey Badger to his brother Hank Green.

John Green explains the glory of the Honey Badger to his brother Hank Green.


Honey Badger

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