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Honey Badger and Six Lions

Six lions attempt to kill the Honey Badger.

Two Honey Badgers are minding their own business, strolling around and being major bad-asses. Then all of the sudden they find themselves surrounded by a pride of six lions. The cameraman starts to get worried when he sees one of the Honey Badgers trapped in the jaws of one of the six fully-grown lions, but obviously the amazing badgers have several tricks up their sleeves.

I knew their reputation, so I knew that things were going to happen, [then] the Honey Badger literally walked into the middle of the lions.

Based on past evidence, we know lions are not really that great at capturing Honey Badgers. Even in large numbers they often fail to finish the job and capture or kill these evasive animals. As you’d imagine, once trapped withing the lion’s grip, the Honey badger uses it’s amazing ability to maneuver within its own skin. During the attack it employs this technique, and chomps down on the lion’s face. The lions are then stunned by this development and lose focus on the fight. Given this development, the pair of Honey Badgers easily escape and move on with their day.

Watch as six lions attempt to take on two Honey Badgers:

Lions Attack a Honey Badger by Caught in the Act.


Honey Badger

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